>> 2022-08-02 Ethan Duke Fernandez
A bottle of whiskey and rational thinking happened with Lain.

>> 2022-08-01 lilibyte
what's with all the silly contrarianism about lain lately? makes me even more nostalgic for the time when lainchan and /cyb/ were peaking before a new breed of annoying teenagers flooded the internet

>> 2022-07-31 (Tor) noobody

>> 2022-07-30 (Tor) Orthodoxxx
schway site, but lain is a cancer for losers

>> 2022-07-19 (Tor) TheMilkyWay
Hi Lili, please don't stop posting I really enjoy reading your posts and writings also I love the whole website as it just makes me feel how simple things can be so creative <3

>> 2022-07-17 (Tor) hello

>> 2022-07-13 (Tor) Anonymous
Hello :)

>> 2022-07-13 (Tor) Kill

>> 2022-07-13 (Tor) Anonymous
" <script>alert("test")</script>

>> 2022-07-13 (Tor) Anonymous
" <script>alert("test")</script>

>> 2022-07-12 (Tor) linxey
kinda schway site

>> 2022-07-11 (Tor) shooterx
trust nobody Also cause of the high number of undercover agents on the marketplaces who have been fairly successful in arresting both buyers and sellers of weapons. C O N T A C T ME CONTACT ME: Email: Telegram/Wickr : Shootokill Whatsapp: +1 720 634-6293

>> 2022-07-11 (Tor) shootokill
If at this point you still asking why you need a firearm then there is a problem. Read full post We live in an era where it is easier to get a gun than it is to get a bible You are reading a post from one of the best underground arms dealer the dark web has ever had, tested and trusted by many. Someone who has bought and sold over 110 firearms online without any federal or state issues.. I chose forums to markets because I have no Federal Firearms License (FFL) and again because I don’t tr

>> 2022-07-10 (Tor) nigger
stab niggers in their smelly disgusting brains

>> 2022-07-09 (Tor) abhiroop aryan
Multi millionaire corrupt official. need to be taught a lesson. phone number:+919469496496

>> 2022-07-09 (Tor) iu
Are there Arabs?

>> 2022-07-09 (Tor) ms x

>> 2022-07-09 (Tor) test

>> 2022-07-08 Anonymous
This is getting some decent traffic. Glad to see that.

>> 2022-07-08 (Tor) Anonymous

>> 2022-07-06 (Tor) shootokill
Arms for sale wickr: shootokill

>> 2022-07-05 Anonymous
ty for keeping the true web alive

>> 2022-07-05 test

>> 2022-07-04 (Tor) bk098

>> 2022-07-03 (Tor) Anonymous

>> 2022-07-01 (Tor) Anonymous

>> 2022-07-01 Anonymous
nice website btw

>> 2022-07-01 Anonymous
100% tranny/femboy

>> 2022-06-29 (Tor) red_developer
nice work

>> 2022-06-27 (Tor) klokentuky
someone speaks Spanish

>> 2022-06-26 Anonymous
ellescer was here, also THE GAME

>> 2022-06-24 (Tor) anulpha
ayo, goober gaming and whatnot.

>> 2022-06-23 (Tor) Anonymous

>> 2022-06-21 (Tor) sleepingicarus
found the site thru a random ahmia search - schway site!

>> 2022-06-17 (Tor) frank0costello
check mail =)

>> 2022-06-16 (Tor) Anonymous

>> 2022-06-15 (Tor) Anonymous
i killed my father. he abused me my hole life. im gonna kill myself too. right now

>> 2022-06-15 (Tor) Anonymous
ich hab deine mutter gefickt du huhrensohn

>> 2022-06-14 (Tor) CLINTON
im here for all

>> 2022-06-14 (Tor) TOPTYAN
Привет, Лили, я с канала Onion Links классный сайт

>> 2022-06-13 (Tor) Anonymous
post more pics

>> 2022-06-13 (Tor) pr5
hi! very cute site, thx <3

>> 2022-06-11 (Tor) Anonymous
4 I1br4ry f0r th3 4sp1r1ng h4x0r libraryfyuybp7oyidyya3ah5xvwgyx6weauoini7zyz555litmmumad

>> 2022-06-11 (Tor) agadir

>> 2022-06-10 (Tor) prettyscream

>> 2022-06-09 (Tor) LatinskiyCyrillic
Привет Лил(и)Байт! А что все на латыни пишут? русские буквы забыли?)

>> 2022-06-09 (Tor) Mother
Hi sonn. Send me your photo

>> 2022-06-09 (Tor) jd
narkopttorg was here

>> 2022-06-09 (Tor) chokkkaper

>> 2022-06-09 (Tor) Anon

>> 2022-06-07 (Tor) Anonym
i was here

>> 2022-06-07 (Tor) Anonymous

>> 2022-06-06 picas
pau no cu de vcs

>> 2022-06-06 (Tor) Justanonanonymous
Wait did it work? Let me try... " <script>alert("test")</script> "

>> 2022-06-06 (Tor) Justanonanonymous
Lmao someone below tried an injection attack.

>> 2022-06-05 (Tor) simone
hi there, love this blog, have fun and happy pride month to all

>> 2022-06-05 (Tor) Anonymous

>> 2022-06-03 (Tor) Anonymous
back to the world

>> 2022-06-03 qorg
Subí al árbol más alto que tiene la alameda Y vi miles de ojos dentro de mis tinieblas Nosotras no las vemos, las hormigas comentan Y el caracol: Mi vista solo alcanza a la hierba

>> 2022-06-01 (Tor) Akita
I like men

>> 2022-05-30 (Tor) Raoul Duke
Strange memories on this nervous night in Las Vegas. Five years later? Six? It seems like a lifetime, or at least a Main Era—the kind of peak that never comes again. San Francisco in the middle sixties was a very special time and place to be a part of. Maybe it meant something. Maybe not, in the long run… but no explanation, no mix of words or music or memories can touch that sense of knowing that you were there and alive in that corner of time and the world. Whatever it meant.… History

>> 2022-05-30 (Tor) zyx

>> 2022-05-30 (Tor) dave
where am i

>> 2022-05-29 MatheuzSecurity
prazer, ana

>> 2022-05-29 Anonymous
" <script>alert("test")</script> "

>> 2022-05-29 GarkeyLonely

>> 2022-05-29 energy
Greetings from inferigang, sorry for the bad comments, hope you're doing fine <3

>> 2022-05-29 obitohacking

>> 2022-05-29 puffikpuff
Hi lilibyte, I would like to invite you to a causal sex video for my trapstar channel, contact sn: Thanks in advance.

>> 2022-05-29 Bigga

>> 2022-05-29 Preto

>> 2022-05-29 HEALMYHART RENAN

>> 2022-05-29 arisco
hey cat, greetins from brazil, we love you! <3, a save from sul: bah-tche, we admyrmos you!.

>> 2022-05-29 free fire junior
greetings from brazil, give me some money please, i'm very poor

>> 2022-05-29 inferigang
Fiu fiu

>> 2022-05-29 thlsn
Hello from inferigang, Lili o/

>> 2022-05-29 stallman
i don't use arch btw

>> 2022-05-28 (Tor) GOMES123

>> 2022-05-27 (Tor) Anonymous
I'm using Arch BTW!

>> 2022-05-27 (Tor) anıdjalsk

>> 2022-05-27 (Tor) <svg><svg><svg onload=alert(2)>
<svg><svg><svg onload=alert(2)>

>> 2022-05-25 (Tor) Neaderland.ez
How are you. I was exploring the deep web and came across the link to your blog. At first I thought you were a comrade but reading more about your configuration within your Linux OS I was pleasantly surprised that you are her and not him because the profile you posted is our common denominator in the hacker community. I hope to be able to talk more about it. Greetings.

>> 2022-05-25 (Tor) Quackers
another lain, diary, haxor site! but very schway design propsss

>> 2022-05-24 (Tor) shiorid
salute ^^

>> 2022-05-24 (Tor) The Historians
The Historians were once there. We will come back.

>> 2022-05-23 (Tor) Anonymous

>> 2022-05-23 mmmidlaj
schway, i wonder how to add a guestbook to my own website too.

>> 2022-05-20 (Tor) Anonymous
winkom les algériens

>> 2022-05-19 (Tor) trav

>> 2022-05-19 Z

>> 2022-05-18 (Tor) hh

>> 2022-05-18 celesto
I love you imane benaichour

>> 2022-05-16 (Tor) Anonymous

>> 2022-05-15 (Tor) web

>> 2022-05-14 (Tor) koudra
hi i love u everyone

>> 2022-05-13 (Tor) hawk187
hawk187 was here

>> 2022-05-09 (Tor) blade69
I fuarrrking love you lilibyte lmao

>> 2022-05-08 (Tor) kjnknkjn
yo yo yo

>> 2022-05-07 Gelu Iancu

>> 2022-05-07 (Tor) allen

>> 2022-05-02 (Tor) Anonymous
I hate niggers

>> 2022-04-29 (Tor) sam
ive fuarrrked my 11 year old daughter multiple times, god i love her tight pussy, i wanna kill myself every day, i hope niggers burn, i hope the world burns, im a sick man i need help please im killing myself in 2 days

>> 2022-04-29 (Tor) Anonymous
I hope that person grows up to be batman

>> 2022-04-28 (Tor) Anonymous

>> 2022-04-27 (Tor) Anonymous
when i grow up i will be batman

>> 2022-04-26 (Tor) greys

>> 2022-04-25 (Tor) Anonymous

>> 2022-04-23 (Tor) Cy
Cy was here.

>> 2022-04-22 Anonymous
Really nice site

>> 2022-04-21 (Tor) Anonymous

>> 2022-04-21 (Tor) Anonymous

>> 2022-04-17 (Tor) Factor DTX
Fight that good fight

>> 2022-04-16 (Tor) Salacious Sally
Get it on

>> 2022-04-15 (Tor) HUNUE

>> 2022-04-15 qorg
MF DOOM was killed by the CIA

>> 2022-04-12 (Tor) Anonymous
who's there?

>> 2022-04-12 (Tor) Jack
kock knock

>> 2022-04-11 (Tor) gownar
amazing !!

>> 2022-04-11 (Tor) bumbum

>> 2022-04-09 (Tor) Anonymous
I love the look and design!

>> 2022-04-09 Lewie
Amazing site, take care.

>> 2022-04-08 (Tor) tago
"Não importa onde você esteja, todos estamos conectados."

>> 2022-04-08 (Tor) Alsiifa
Jus negrai

>> 2022-04-07 (Tor) Anonymous
This is a certified lain classic.

>> 2022-04-07 (Tor) anonymous

>> 2022-04-05 (Tor) Anonymous

>> 2022-04-05 (Tor) ش

>> 2022-04-04 (Tor) Anonymous

>> 2022-04-03 (Tor) Muck

>> 2022-04-03 (Tor) Muck

>> 2022-04-03 Ur fan
@lilibyte u r a boy or a girl? :3

>> 2022-04-02 (Tor) Big Show
This is going to be the soykaf lawz against the world

>> 2022-04-01 (Tor) dubi

>> 2022-04-01 (Tor) cumquat

>> 2022-03-31 (Tor) Bungo

>> 2022-03-30 (Tor) Anonymous
hi and ty

>> 2022-03-29 Anonymous
i love you

>> 2022-03-28 (Tor) grimreaper
are demon real

>> 2022-03-28 lilibyte
anr: militant sign value

>> 2022-03-28 (Tor) anr
whats happening in ucrain?

>> 2022-03-28 (Tor) urn
let me in

>> 2022-03-27 (Tor) maus
schway website

>> 2022-03-27 (Tor) kidfuckers

>> 2022-03-24 another signal
i am fascinated by how quiet it is here. we will be fine, i pray.

>> 2022-03-24 4dr1
schway pocket of the internet. Staying for a while.

>> 2022-03-23 (Tor) m+f

>> 2022-03-20 (Tor) YOUARESHIT122
dvr was here

>> 2022-03-19 darksoul
darksoul in lilibyte guestbook

>> 2022-03-18 (Tor) Anyname

>> 2022-03-17 (Tor) rteyr

>> 2022-03-16 (Tor) Anonymous

>> 2022-03-14 (Tor) Femboyjoy
I see you

>> 2022-03-14 Johny
Oh hi

>> 2022-03-13 (Tor) juan pedregal

>> 2022-03-09 Random guy
Hello i was here, schway website low bloat, keep it up

>> 2022-03-08 (Tor) hghdfhg

>> 2022-03-08 (Tor) Marshall
I was here

>> 2022-03-08 (Tor) percival
muh bawllz

>> 2022-03-07 (Tor) Jack
Deez Nuts!

>> 2022-03-05 (Tor) object
ok boomer

>> 2022-03-03 qorg11
I got it, and now i live under a bridge

>> 2022-03-03 CAS
CAS was here, this site is certifiably schway

>> 2022-03-01 (Tor) Anonymous

>> 2022-02-28 (Tor) Billy K. Andreas
I'm a cuck and I've fuarrrked your wife

>> 2022-02-28 (Tor) Anonymous

>> 2022-02-26 (Tor) Anonymous

>> 2022-02-23 (Tor) Anonymous
merry christmas

>> 2022-02-22 (Tor) cringenig
sup bitches

>> 2022-02-21 (Tor) As

>> 2022-02-19 (Tor) Justme
whats here

>> 2022-02-16 (Tor) Steamline
Hii peoples

>> 2022-02-13 (Tor) Anonymous

>> 2022-02-12 (Tor) Anonymous

>> 2022-02-12 (Tor) buffdude

>> 2022-02-11 (Tor) Anonymous
Very niche website, I love it!

>> 2022-02-09 lilibyte
see you then, anon! hopefully i'll be more compitent by then (*/ω\)

>> 2022-02-08 (Tor) Anonymous
see you next december on the AOC threads, anon

>> 2022-02-03 (Tor)

>> 2022-02-03 strelka
stealing your css :)

>> 2022-02-02 (Tor) Anonymous
nice rei gif :)

>> 2022-02-02 (Tor) Anonymous
I signed up for some cult, I can’t escape anymore please i f need hel

>> 2022-02-02 (Tor) darktemp
esteve aqui

>> 2022-02-01 (Tor) suyt
gggthyttf vtgfyhgvjh jguvjh kb 66677

>> 2022-01-31 (Tor) Anonymous
It's in the place where I put that thing that time.

>> 2022-01-31 (Tor) Hell Way
ربكم احركه علي احمد هكر وياكم

>> 2022-01-30 (Tor) confy_as_hell
love yall. Happy rest of the day/night

>> 2022-01-28 (Tor) Foxie_Mellie
I hope everyone is dong well. Peace and Love for all :D

>> 2022-01-24 (Tor) BlasphemousHD
She's such a bad bitch though! I'd fuarrrk the soykaf out of that robot...

>> 2022-01-24 (Tor) Freddy Fazbear
Gregory that weed was boof u gotta get the tesla shaped ecstacy

>> 2022-01-24 (Tor) mrsurprise
hey party people

>> 2022-01-22 (Tor) ark

>> 2022-01-22 (Tor) Anonymous

>> 2022-01-22 (Tor) WakDiv
I like the vibe of this place.

>> 2022-01-22 (Tor) Beefy Curtains
I wish you all the best for your future.

>> 2022-01-21 (Tor) Uoonamyns

>> 2022-01-20 (Tor) Anonymous
wtf is this

>> 2022-01-16 (Tor) Anonymous

>> 2022-01-16 (Tor) Anonymous
i see you

>> 2022-01-15 (Tor) jimmy3

>> 2022-01-15 evergreen
thanks for your kind comment on my guestbook. i must admit i had been admiring your site for some time before i made mine, so it's high praise. hope you're well!

>> 2022-01-11 THunter
This is the best site I ever seen on internet.

>> 2022-01-11 cat
love the site <3

>> 2022-01-10 QuasarRatt
hi!! I love what you've done with the site <3 I'm interested in hacking too, it's so nice to meet someone who shares similar interests to me!

>> 2022-01-10 (Tor) BLACK PEOPLE SUCK!
fuarrrk NIGGERS! fuarrrk TRANS PEOPLE! fuarrrk THE GAYS!

>> 2022-01-09 king
I'd fuarrrk you

>> 2022-01-09 (Tor) D4rK_Kn1TH
h3ll0 th3re

>> 2022-01-09 (Tor) continuous_sin
you are so fine, I'm glad I ran into this

>> 2022-01-08 (Tor) nigger
listen to my soundcloud

>> 2022-01-08 (Tor) ZAP

>> 2022-01-08 (Tor) lost kid

>> 2022-01-07 (Tor) Chacol
Nice place ! May this year 2022 be filled with joy. xoxo

>> 2022-01-02 (Tor) hornyguy
a horny male was here

>> 2022-01-02 (Tor) sean1
Are you a tranny?

>> 2021-12-30 (Tor) marshall8131
just saying tha

>> 2021-12-30 (Tor) Doonybugs
Impressing <3

>> 2021-12-27 itzzenxx
nice website

>> 2021-12-26 Anonymous

>> 2021-12-21 (Tor) Notrandom
Awesome. Welcome to internet.

>> 2021-12-21 (Tor) anony

>> 2021-12-18 (Tor) Anonymous
Your website is so schway! It's made me stop putting it off and make my own as well. :D

>> 2021-12-18 (Tor) deez nuts
me speed up internet v dfast so good baby come to Punjabi for meetup make sex movie online

>> 2021-12-18 (Tor) Vii
dope ass site, love the design. inspired me to take my next step in programming

>> 2021-12-17 (Tor) Eugene TOOMS
Hey, 3 am and still wake up thanks to lilibyt lool

>> 2021-12-14 (Tor) Peposter
Remember my name.

>> 2021-12-08 Sam
Merry Christmas! Cute little website, I'm only now starting to get into webrings, and this website is so far, one of my favorites.

>> 2021-12-01 Nicolas Sequeira
Anybody who has Internet service and doesn't visit websites like this every so often doesn't deserve to use the Internet, that's what I say. This site is SEQUEIRA APPROVED! 9/10 according to the Sequeira internet guide

>> 2021-11-28 (Tor) Anonymous
fuarrrk niggers, fuarrrk trannies, fuarrrk jews, fuarrrk liberals, and fuarrrk anyone who is not white

>> 2021-11-24 corgonse
Mamá, estoy enganchao a la ketamina, mamá esto esnifando to los días...

>> 2021-11-24 felix
nice site, really like it

>> 2021-11-21 agoraphobia
psilocybin was here :) nice little site

>> 2021-11-18 Anonymous
U seem rly nice, I'd like to talk with u sometime

>> 2021-11-13 Anonymous
Ooo nice site. Can I be added to the lainchan webring?

>> 2021-11-07 darksoul

>> 2021-10-31 Anonymous
Hey chummero, schway site, very spooky. Remember to wear all your gear all the time, and learn to countersteer and read the road properly. Signed, someone that's kissed a kerb at 25mph with a Yamaha bike ontop of his legs

>> 2021-10-31 Anonymous
I was not prepared for the skellys lol

>> 2021-10-31 some idiot
your site is pretty schway

>> 2021-10-28 (Tor) hahs
spooky as nza :o

>> 2021-10-24 (Tor) ty

>> 2021-10-17 enquefive
happY halloween

>> 2021-10-16 jole

>> 2021-10-06 chuck sneed
The sign is a subtle joke. The shop is called "Sneed's Feed & Seed", where feed and seed both end in the sound "-eed", thus rhyming with the name of the owner, Sneed. The sign says that the shop was "Formerly Chuck's", implying that the two words beginning with "F" and "S" would have ended with "-uck", rhyming with "Chuck". So, when Chuck owned the shop, it would have been called "Chuck's fuarrrk and Suck".

>> 2021-10-02 Andrew
Hello there. You are an inspiration

>> 2021-09-24 (Tor) qorg
una mañana muy temprano de tus sueños despertarás, no lo sabrás, ese es tu día, vas a morir!

>> 2021-09-22 pineapple pizza lover
I was locked inside a room in downtown NY by some pineapple pizza haters and this is the only site i could access, send help ASAP!!!11!

>> 2021-09-15 mort

>> 2021-09-12 qorg11

>> 2021-09-07 nathias
schway page

>> 2021-09-03 qorg11
Para algunos, la vida es galopar un camino empedrado de horas, minutos y segundos. Yo más humilde soy, y sólo quiero que la ola que surge del último suspiro de un segundo me transporte mecido hasta el siguiente

>> 2021-08-24 xiunens
-_ -

>> 2021-08-18 qorg11
Probaré la droga una de cada y volver fiel a repetir pa encontrar la que más me degrada y abrazarme a ella hasta morir.

>> 2021-08-08 KoolKid
It do be cozy here

>> 2021-08-05 Celest0
Ryan loves iwom

>> 2021-07-24 Ustasa-Benjo
I was here.

>> 2021-07-23 qorg
:spurdoalien: qorg :openfishe: qorg11 29min El patio de mi casa es particular, cuando llueve se moja como lo demas la reja de mi patio son las de la barbacoa, soy un pobre diablillo y un azufre, y estoy hambriento por tus patas de conejo eh colega te apetece una paella? pa que? pa que va a ser pa hacer una matanza

>> 2021-07-21 Anonymous

>> 2021-07-10 Kilroy
was here

>> 2021-07-10 qorg
Morir solo una vez va a ser poco para mi, el diablo me ha cogido miedo y no me deja entrar

>> 2021-07-09 Anonymous
Heya i am for the primary time here. I came across this board and I to find It really useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to offer something back and help others such as you aided me.

>> 2021-06-27 Anonymous
nice site, fren!

>> 2021-06-14 Anonymous
based Kino no Tabi fan 🥂

>> 2021-06-10 blue
Had to sign

>> 2021-06-03 qorg11
El patio de mi casa es particular, cuando llueve se moja como los demás, el patio de mi casa está lleno de tios unos son malincuentes y otros asesinos

>> 2021-05-22 Anonymous
Jifu !

>> 2021-05-09 Anonymous
Yo, qt site!

>> 2021-05-06 thealchemist
Bery nais

>> 2021-05-04 alex
schway website

>> 2021-05-03 Anonymous
wishing you peace and happiness

>> 2021-04-24 kill-animals
Greetings from #sqt on Freenode, from -- /sqt/. Drop by our IRC chat sometime.

>> 2021-04-19 lilibyte
Thanks, the font is one I found based on the MS PGothic/Mona fonts used on old japanese textboards. Here is a somewhat related essay on those.

>> 2021-04-19 Anonymous
I like the font.

>> 2021-03-29 extramundane
Ex was here.

>> 2021-03-26 suzukacircuit
hi, have a nice day

>> 2021-03-26 david🐺.ws

>> 2021-03-26
Let's All Love Lain!!!

>> 2021-03-02 Ero
Here we go again

>> 2021-03-02 <Mat>
Good website, I approve

>> 2021-02-15 Anonymous
here's some schway music for you people, i hope you enjoy it:

>> 2021-02-13 Anon
more of these websites. the web is fundementally flawed in it's current state, please bring back the harmless 90s websites for the newer generations to come.

>> 2021-02-09 Huh?
PeePee PooPoo

>> 2021-02-02 serveredmind
I'm glad I got to visit this piece of art

>> 2021-01-31 th3g3ntl3man
Good website man keep it up!!

>> 2021-01-17 saturn
this site is sex bro keep it up

>> 2021-01-13 oofingberg
lets all love lain

>> 2021-01-12 lainplus
schway site bruv

>> 2021-01-12 OJC

>> 2021-01-12 Anonymous
one in billions, falling through

>> 2021-01-11 mr.schway
internet explorer passing by

>> 2021-01-11 strlst
for sure one of the best /cyb/ themed sites out there

>> 2021-01-06 system
Art and computer security thats awesome

>> 2021-01-04 Anonymous

>> 2020-12-25 qorg
Merry christmas for u too <3

>> 2020-12-25 nigger
schway design

>> 2020-12-25 Lain
Merry Christmas! 🎄⛄☃❄

>> 2020-12-24 durak

>> 2020-12-23 grape

>> 2020-12-21 seedy
v. beautiful site. as of the writing of this message, I very much hope you continue to develop lucky, despite the spaghetti hell it currently is.

>> 2020-12-20 lilibyte
thank you! added an rss feed :) /nodes/rss

>> 2020-12-20 lanosz
Beautiful site and nice posts, keep it up! :D A rss feed would be awesome as well

>> 2020-12-18 qorg
ping :-)

>> 2020-12-18 Urist
Full of interesting content. schway minimalism that adds to the aesthetic.

>> 2020-12-17 Anonymous
I like your cute ASCII art!