>> 2021-09-24 (Tor) qorg
una mañana muy temprano de tus sueños despertarás, no lo sabrás, ese es tu día, vas a morir!

>> 2021-09-22 pineapple pizza lover
I was locked inside a room in downtown NY by some pineapple pizza haters and this is the only site i could access, send help ASAP!!!11!

>> 2021-09-15 mort

>> 2021-09-12 qorg11

>> 2021-09-07 nathias
schway page

>> 2021-09-03 qorg11
Para algunos, la vida es galopar un camino empedrado de horas, minutos y segundos. Yo más humilde soy, y sólo quiero que la ola que surge del último suspiro de un segundo me transporte mecido hasta el siguiente

>> 2021-08-24 xiunens
-_ -

>> 2021-08-18 qorg11
Probaré la droga una de cada y volver fiel a repetir pa encontrar la que más me degrada y abrazarme a ella hasta morir.

>> 2021-08-08 KoolKid
It do be cozy here

>> 2021-08-05 Celest0
Ryan loves iwom

>> 2021-07-24 Ustasa-Benjo
I was here.

>> 2021-07-23 qorg
:spurdoalien: qorg :openfishe: qorg11 29min El patio de mi casa es particular, cuando llueve se moja como lo demas la reja de mi patio son las de la barbacoa, soy un pobre diablillo y un azufre, y estoy hambriento por tus patas de conejo eh colega te apetece una paella? pa que? pa que va a ser pa hacer una matanza

>> 2021-07-21 Anonymous

>> 2021-07-10 Kilroy
was here

>> 2021-07-10 qorg
Morir solo una vez va a ser poco para mi, el diablo me ha cogido miedo y no me deja entrar

>> 2021-07-09 Anonymous
Heya i am for the primary time here. I came across this board and I to find It really useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to offer something back and help others such as you aided me.

>> 2021-06-27 Anonymous
nice site, fren!

>> 2021-06-14 Anonymous
based Kino no Tabi fan 🥂

>> 2021-06-10 blue
Had to sign

>> 2021-06-03 qorg11
El patio de mi casa es particular, cuando llueve se moja como los demás, el patio de mi casa está lleno de tios unos son malincuentes y otros asesinos

>> 2021-05-22 Anonymous
Jifu !

>> 2021-05-09 Anonymous
Yo, qt site!

>> 2021-05-06 thealchemist
Bery nais

>> 2021-05-04 alex
schway website

>> 2021-05-03 Anonymous
wishing you peace and happiness

>> 2021-04-24 kill-animals
Greetings from #sqt on Freenode, from -- /sqt/. Drop by our IRC chat sometime.

>> 2021-04-19 lilibyte
Thanks, the font is one I found based on the MS PGothic/Mona fonts used on old japanese textboards. Here is a somewhat related essay on those.

>> 2021-04-19 Anonymous
I like the font.

>> 2021-03-29 extramundane
Ex was here.

>> 2021-03-26 suzukacircuit
hi, have a nice day

>> 2021-03-26 david🐺.ws

>> 2021-03-26
Let's All Love Lain!!!

>> 2021-03-02 Ero
Here we go again

>> 2021-03-02 <Mat>
Good website, I approve

>> 2021-02-15 Anonymous
here's some schway music for you people, i hope you enjoy it:

>> 2021-02-13 Anon
more of these websites. the web is fundementally flawed in it's current state, please bring back the harmless 90s websites for the newer generations to come.

>> 2021-02-09 Huh?
PeePee PooPoo

>> 2021-02-02 serveredmind
I'm glad I got to visit this piece of art

>> 2021-01-31 th3g3ntl3man
Good website man keep it up!!

>> 2021-01-17 saturn
this site is sex bro keep it up

>> 2021-01-13 oofingberg
lets all love lain

>> 2021-01-12 lainplus
schway site bruv

>> 2021-01-12 OJC

>> 2021-01-12 Anonymous
one in billions, falling through

>> 2021-01-11 mr.schway
internet explorer passing by

>> 2021-01-11 strlst
for sure one of the best /cyb/ themed sites out there

>> 2021-01-06 system
Art and computer security thats awesome

>> 2021-01-04 Anonymous

>> 2020-12-25 qorg
Merry christmas for u too <3

>> 2020-12-25 nigger
schway design

>> 2020-12-25 Lain
Merry Christmas! 🎄⛄☃❄

>> 2020-12-24 durak

>> 2020-12-23 grape

>> 2020-12-21 seedy
v. beautiful site. as of the writing of this message, I very much hope you continue to develop lucky, despite the spaghetti hell it currently is.

>> 2020-12-20 lilibyte
thank you! added an rss feed :) /nodes/rss

>> 2020-12-20 lanosz
Beautiful site and nice posts, keep it up! :D A rss feed would be awesome as well

>> 2020-12-18 qorg
ping :-)

>> 2020-12-18 Urist
Full of interesting content. schway minimalism that adds to the aesthetic.

>> 2020-12-17 Anonymous
I like your cute ASCII art!