>> 2021-12-08 Sam
Merry Christmas! Cute little website, I'm only now starting to get into webrings, and this website is so far, one of my favorites.

>> 2021-12-01 Nicolas Sequeira
Anybody who has Internet service and doesn't visit websites like this every so often doesn't deserve to use the Internet, that's what I say. This site is SEQUEIRA APPROVED! 9/10 according to the Sequeira internet guide

>> 2021-11-28 (Tor) Anonymous
fuarrrk niggers, fuarrrk trannies, fuarrrk jews, fuarrrk liberals, and fuarrrk anyone who is not white

>> 2021-11-24 corgonse
Mamá, estoy enganchao a la ketamina, mamá esto esnifando to los días...

>> 2021-11-24 felix
nice site, really like it

>> 2021-11-21 agoraphobia
psilocybin was here :) nice little site

>> 2021-11-18 Anonymous
U seem rly nice, I'd like to talk with u sometime

>> 2021-11-13 Anonymous
Ooo nice site. Can I be added to the lainchan webring?

>> 2021-11-07 darksoul

>> 2021-10-31 Anonymous
Hey chummero, schway site, very spooky. Remember to wear all your gear all the time, and learn to countersteer and read the road properly. Signed, someone that's kissed a kerb at 25mph with a Yamaha bike ontop of his legs

>> 2021-10-31 Anonymous
I was not prepared for the skellys lol

>> 2021-10-31 some idiot
your site is pretty schway

>> 2021-10-28 (Tor) hahs
spooky as nza :o

>> 2021-10-24 (Tor) ty

>> 2021-10-17 enquefive
happY halloween

>> 2021-10-16 jole

>> 2021-10-06 chuck sneed
The sign is a subtle joke. The shop is called "Sneed's Feed & Seed", where feed and seed both end in the sound "-eed", thus rhyming with the name of the owner, Sneed. The sign says that the shop was "Formerly Chuck's", implying that the two words beginning with "F" and "S" would have ended with "-uck", rhyming with "Chuck". So, when Chuck owned the shop, it would have been called "Chuck's fuarrrk and Suck".

>> 2021-10-02 Andrew
Hello there. You are an inspiration

>> 2021-09-24 (Tor) qorg
una mañana muy temprano de tus sueños despertarás, no lo sabrás, ese es tu día, vas a morir!

>> 2021-09-22 pineapple pizza lover
I was locked inside a room in downtown NY by some pineapple pizza haters and this is the only site i could access, send help ASAP!!!11!

>> 2021-09-15 mort

>> 2021-09-12 qorg11

>> 2021-09-07 nathias
schway page

>> 2021-09-03 qorg11
Para algunos, la vida es galopar un camino empedrado de horas, minutos y segundos. Yo más humilde soy, y sólo quiero que la ola que surge del último suspiro de un segundo me transporte mecido hasta el siguiente

>> 2021-08-24 xiunens
-_ -

>> 2021-08-18 qorg11
Probaré la droga una de cada y volver fiel a repetir pa encontrar la que más me degrada y abrazarme a ella hasta morir.

>> 2021-08-08 KoolKid
It do be cozy here

>> 2021-08-05 Celest0
Ryan loves iwom

>> 2021-07-24 Ustasa-Benjo
I was here.

>> 2021-07-23 qorg
:spurdoalien: qorg :openfishe: qorg11 29min El patio de mi casa es particular, cuando llueve se moja como lo demas la reja de mi patio son las de la barbacoa, soy un pobre diablillo y un azufre, y estoy hambriento por tus patas de conejo eh colega te apetece una paella? pa que? pa que va a ser pa hacer una matanza

>> 2021-07-21 Anonymous

>> 2021-07-10 Kilroy
was here

>> 2021-07-10 qorg
Morir solo una vez va a ser poco para mi, el diablo me ha cogido miedo y no me deja entrar

>> 2021-07-09 Anonymous
Heya i am for the primary time here. I came across this board and I to find It really useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to offer something back and help others such as you aided me.

>> 2021-06-27 Anonymous
nice site, fren!

>> 2021-06-14 Anonymous
based Kino no Tabi fan 🥂

>> 2021-06-10 blue
Had to sign

>> 2021-06-03 qorg11
El patio de mi casa es particular, cuando llueve se moja como los demás, el patio de mi casa está lleno de tios unos son malincuentes y otros asesinos

>> 2021-05-22 Anonymous
Jifu !

>> 2021-05-09 Anonymous
Yo, qt site!

>> 2021-05-06 thealchemist
Bery nais

>> 2021-05-04 alex
schway website

>> 2021-05-03 Anonymous
wishing you peace and happiness

>> 2021-04-24 kill-animals
Greetings from #sqt on Freenode, from -- /sqt/. Drop by our IRC chat sometime.

>> 2021-04-19 lilibyte
Thanks, the font is one I found based on the MS PGothic/Mona fonts used on old japanese textboards. Here is a somewhat related essay on those.

>> 2021-04-19 Anonymous
I like the font.

>> 2021-03-29 extramundane
Ex was here.

>> 2021-03-26 suzukacircuit
hi, have a nice day

>> 2021-03-26 david🐺.ws

>> 2021-03-26
Let's All Love Lain!!!

>> 2021-03-02 Ero
Here we go again

>> 2021-03-02 <Mat>
Good website, I approve

>> 2021-02-15 Anonymous
here's some schway music for you people, i hope you enjoy it:

>> 2021-02-13 Anon
more of these websites. the web is fundementally flawed in it's current state, please bring back the harmless 90s websites for the newer generations to come.

>> 2021-02-09 Huh?
PeePee PooPoo

>> 2021-02-02 serveredmind
I'm glad I got to visit this piece of art

>> 2021-01-31 th3g3ntl3man
Good website man keep it up!!

>> 2021-01-17 saturn
this site is sex bro keep it up

>> 2021-01-13 oofingberg
lets all love lain

>> 2021-01-12 lainplus
schway site bruv

>> 2021-01-12 OJC

>> 2021-01-12 Anonymous
one in billions, falling through

>> 2021-01-11 mr.schway
internet explorer passing by

>> 2021-01-11 strlst
for sure one of the best /cyb/ themed sites out there

>> 2021-01-06 system
Art and computer security thats awesome

>> 2021-01-04 Anonymous

>> 2020-12-25 qorg
Merry christmas for u too <3

>> 2020-12-25 nigger
schway design

>> 2020-12-25 Lain
Merry Christmas! 🎄⛄☃❄

>> 2020-12-24 durak

>> 2020-12-23 grape

>> 2020-12-21 seedy
v. beautiful site. as of the writing of this message, I very much hope you continue to develop lucky, despite the spaghetti hell it currently is.

>> 2020-12-20 lilibyte
thank you! added an rss feed :) /nodes/rss

>> 2020-12-20 lanosz
Beautiful site and nice posts, keep it up! :D A rss feed would be awesome as well

>> 2020-12-18 qorg
ping :-)

>> 2020-12-18 Urist
Full of interesting content. schway minimalism that adds to the aesthetic.

>> 2020-12-17 Anonymous
I like your cute ASCII art!