This is an archive of the blurbs I have put on my home page over time. Mostly they are updates.

I finally figured out why the visitor count on the bottom of my pages is not updating or displaying accurate results. I use an internal proxy with nginx that ultimately distributes the request to my web application to be anonymized and logged. This means the IP address of the request being logged is an internal private IP address. This behavior is now corrected by setting the appropriate request headers, and then handling those requests with custom middleware, but the visitor count will only provide an accurate number for requests made starting today. (Feb 20, 2021)

valentine's day e-card

Happy valentine's day! make sure to treat ur waifu with chocos and stop by /a/ for the r/a/dio stream! please accept my homemade e-card just for you.

happy new year

This year is finally over! Wishing you all a happy new year! \(≧▽≦)/ I made you an oekaki shitpost style card for the occasion.
I have never had as many personal plans and hopes for a year as I do for 2021. I'm very ready to throw all of my effort into a productive new year.
Please join us on /a/ for this year's r/a/dio event if you are interested! now contains 100% more RSS feeds! \(^▽^)/ To use it, append /rss at the end of the node list. I also changed the hit counter on the bottom from the total number of view requests to how many unique IP addresses (last octet is set to 1 before caching) have made a view request. Thank you all for the suggestions and encouragement! (Dec 20, 2020)

Please note that due to neglected DNS misconfiguration I haven't received any personal emails sent since my website has been online. This is now fixed as of December 18th, and I hope it didn't cause any trouble.. ヽ(´Д`;)ノ

                 /  ィ ☆Merry Christmas☆
   o   。        /ニニニ)  。  from lilibyte
 。 ○  o    ○   ,.'´⌒⌒ヽ   ○  o    ○
        o      (((Vノノ)ミ卯⌒ヽ
    o          _i、゚ヮ ゚ リb| |______)
  ○   。  ○  / ○⌒○) /|,. o        O  o
。  o    o   ∠ (/)-( /)_/ /     ○
      o    .|/ ̄ ̄ /_|/  ○   。  o  O 。
 o  O     /∩ ̄ ̄/∩   o    。
      。  ノ      /    o         O
 o   o  ψ  ψ _ ノ)ψ  ψ___ノ)    。   o      ○
   o   (・(▼)・ ) (・(▼)・ ) つ  o   °      o   。
 。   o ∪-∪'"~  ∪-∪'"~  。  。 o   °o 。
     __  _ 。    __   _  o  o__       _ °
  __ .|ロロ|/  \ ____..|ロロ|/  \ __ |ロロ| __. /  \
_|田|_|ロロ|_| ロロ|_|田|.|ロロ|_| ロロ|_|田|.|ロロ|_|田|._| ロロ|_

                                   Dec 2020