Hello, my name is lil(y|ian) and this is the space in which I am my own webmaster! My primary interests are art and information security, but I like other things such as anime, cooking, plants, going innawoods, and travel.
My preferred method of communication is email which you can use to reach me at (pgp, if desired) but you can also currently find me on both github and twitter.
The primary content on this site are posts called nodes which belong to a set of given parameters that can be toggled or queried on the node list. Shorter-form updates and shitposts are archived on my blurbs page.
While you're here, feel free to sign or share something on the guestbook.

Recent Nodes

2021-05-10 Lainchan Webring
2021-01-02 lucky: modular imageboard client for the terminal
2020-12-09 Tools I Use
2020-12-06 flora: hierarchical note-taking and organization tui tool
2020-12-06 Hello Web: An Introduction


In an effort to encourage myself to post more without needing to invest much time into the product, I added a new parameter to the nodes page. Currently I'm calling it "MUSINGS" and it will be dedicated towards your typical small-website blogspam: personal updates, and random thoughts that don't belong anywhere else. I am starting to feel dumb for appearing to have abondoned my site instantly, but that's not actually the case at all. Please bear with me for the time being.
I also updated the about text on my home page. (May 09, 2021)