Hello, I am lilibyte and I am the webmaster of this site. I like hacking, art, programming, anime, cooking, plants, going innawoods, and travel. I'm currently studying C and am planning on venturing into malware and binary exploitation in the future. I have a Sec+ for some reason.
My preferred method of communication is email which you can use to reach me at (pgp, if desired) but I'm also on github.
The primary content on this site are posts called nodes which belong to a set of given parameters that can be toggled or queried on the node list. Shorter-form updates and shitposts are archived on my blurbs page. [[ Tor Mirror ]] [[ Pic of me ]]
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Recent Nodes

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Meri Kurisumasu!!!! I hope you have a comfy holiday season. Today marks the one year anniversary of me putting my site online! Thank you everyone who visits, signs the guestbook, e-mails, and so on (´,,•ω•,,)❤ I'll be attempting the advent of code challenges and posting in the /aocg/ threads on /g/, re-playing VA-11 Hall-A, and re-watching Yuru Camp this month. Remember to tune into the r/a/dio streams on the 24th and 25th as well! And lastly, enjoy the new temporary page styles and my newest e-card that I totally didn't rush to finish at the last second :') (December 01, 2021)