my name is lil(y|ian) and i am studying art and computer security. you can email me at (pgp, if desired) and you can currently find me on both github and twitter, however, for various reasons i dislike both of them so i don't know if these will exist in the future.
this web page is my own dedicated space for sharing things i am interested in, or whatever is on my mind. everything i share is a node and belongs to some given parameter(s) that can be toggled or queried on the node list. you can also find a list of recently published/updated nodes in the section below. while you're here, feel free to sign the guestbook.

Recent Nodes

2021-02-21 Lainchan Webring
2021-01-02 lucky: modular imageboard client for the terminal
2020-12-09 Tools I Use
2020-12-06 flora: hierarchical note-taking and organization tui tool
2020-12-06 Hello Web: An Introduction


I finally figured out why the visitor count on the bottom of my pages is not updating or displaying accurate results. I use an internal proxy with nginx that ultimately distributes the request to my web application to be anonymized and logged. This means the IP address of the request being logged is an internal private IP address. This behavior is now corrected by setting the appropriate request headers, and then handling those requests with custom middleware, but the visitor count will only provide an accurate number for requests made starting today. (Feb 20, 2021)